Greatest Sports Event of the Year.

No disrespect to the NFL’s Superbowl, the MLB’s World Series or even the NBA Finals, but this has to be the best sporting event of the year. I am speaking about the NCAA tournament of course. What other event gives you 60 plus games of some of the most passionate athletes in the country?

When you look at the history and tradition of the tournament, you see a fundamental rise competition and coaching prowess. Just look at the Midwest Region. Coach K, Coach Izzo and Coach Pitino boast a total of 6 National Titles, around 2000 wins at a winning percentage at .740.

This may be a wide open year, but it will be a very, very entertaining end to an already entertaining season. I must warn you not to take your attention away, because the results could surprise you.

Now, this wouldn’t be a proper blog without picks, and I want to start my new blog off right so here goes.

I have Louisville winning a close match-up with Indiana in the final game. I think that if Indiana allows it to remain close, the Cardinals will be able to close the tight-fisted prison that Coach Pitino calls defense and pull out a win. Indiana will need to get out fast and early to keep the Cards playing catch-up.

Louisville over Indiana 68-62

John R. Ready

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