“Reff”ing the outcome.

As I was on my way home from the large national retailer today I heard an interesting point by a radio host that I feel is one of the brightest minds on the radio. This host is Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio. He had an interview with Banned NBA Official Tim Donaghy (banned and jailed for betting on the games he officiated). This interview, which you can hear at this address: http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=9070269 was about pro sports and how they are fixed. That the officials can easily have a premeditated influence on any game at any time.

This is not about the interview, but about the comments that Mr. Cowherd had after the interview. Comments that I really agree with. He mentioned that Officials are mostly guys, and guys are full of guff, especially after a hard day, short night or long flight. A group of officials could be sitting at the airport bar and be blowing off steam, to which one official (Donaghy for instance) overhears, misconstrueds and now we have a story to tell. Mr. Cowherd says that this is the result of access. And he is right. Because these guys have the access to one another for months an even years at a time, habits are learned and idle threats are heard. This could lead the average everyday crazy guy (conspiracy guy) to go nuts. Especially with a conspiracy fueled league like the NBA.

Like Mr. Cowherd said earlier, we can’t force you to not believe when you have it in your heart to believe.

All credit goes to Colin Cowherd, his ideas are merely shared and agreed on by me, Nobody.

John R. Ready

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