Cleveland Indians on the Verge of MLB History?

There has recently been some discussion on the streak that the Cleveland Indians are on, and rightly so. It is a historic run. They have won 21 straight. In today’s professional sports landscape, this is amazing. They are 90-56 this season and lead the AL Central by 13.5 games. It’s safe to say that they will be a force coming into the playoffs.

Before we look at the numbers during the win streak, let’s look at the numbers for the year:

  • 740 Runs
  • .263 Batting Average
  • .340 On Base Percentage
  • .451 Slugging
  • 37 ERA
  • 78 Quality Starts


All of these stats are in the top 6 of the league. Edwin Encarnacion leads the team with 34 Home Runs and 89 RBI. Jose Ramirez is leading the team with a .309 Batting Average.

For the streak, some of the numbers are mind blowing, as told here by the USA Today. Below are the 7 amazing stats that they discuss:

  • 104 Run Differential, they have outscored their opponents 139-35.
  • 41 Home Runs, Lindor has 9.
  • 6 Shutouts.
  • 5 Inning trailed out of 189. (My personal favorite of all of these.)
  • 19 Wins by the starting rotation. Bauer and Kluber both have four each.
  • 79 Team ERA.
  • 193-36 Strikeout-walk ratio.

Now, for many of us, the “Money Ball” streak by the 2002 Oakland A’s was what the casual fan thinks back to when we think of baseball win streaks. But let’s not forget that just last year the Indians set a franchise record win streak. Now, they are tied for second in MLB history and are completely capable of tying and surpassing the 1916 New York Giants’ record of 26.

I can only hope that they can continue this run.

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