Who Will Boycott the NFL First?

You know, occasionally in life, we come across something that is so offensive and immoral that it shakes you. But the real kicker is that you can’t understand why everyone isn’t just as offended as you are. Well, that’s life. I have often told people that others don’t have the right to tell you to not be offended, so in turn, you don’t have the right to tell others that they have to be offended. Everyone sees the world differently. Not everyone will be offended by the same issue.

Then Colin Kaepernick entered the room and said: “Hold my beer”. (Not Really)

Colin Kaepernick, has successfully managed to get almost everyone offended.  It’s not entirely his fault, but he did get the whole thing started. By now you know the story. Kaep took a knee for the National Anthem in the preseason of 2016 and it swelled to this year-long protest and debate. Now, the left-leaning people are wanting to boycott the NFL because of the racial implications. The right-leaning people are wanting to boycott the NFL because they are allowing the players to continually disrespect the flag and the service members.

kaep 1kaep 2

Then you have those of us in the middle that see both sides of the issue. Have there been individual incidents of police brutality against blacks? Yes. Are the players disrespecting the flag when they kneel for the Anthem? Kinda.

So, for those wanting to boycott the NFL for not signing Kaep. You have that right. But know this, there’s no law stating that the NFL or any of its franchises is obligated to employ anyone. I could see your argument if he was being held out because of his race. Then I’d be right there with you, but it’s not because of his race.

For those of you that want to boycott because the players are protesting… stop it. It is written into our constitution that they have the right to protest. THE RIGHT. If your argument is because you feel it is disrespecting the troops. You might be right, I even felt that way at one point. But the reason we put on the uniform is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same (constitution). So, if we as troops, put on the uniform to defend our constitution, it is not completely disrespectful when someone enacts its rights.

What really needs to happen, is that we all need to sit down and have a big Sunday, Italian family, southern comfort food potluck and complain about the real issues in the NFL: the overpaid divas that are ruining the sport.nfl

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